7 friends that lived together in Virginia while at Eastern Mennonite University. We’re all out of college now and on new journeys of careers, travels, husbands, houses and even some babies in the near future. This is a place for sharing the delicious things in our own lives with dear friends miles away. A giant feast!

Circle is: Kate Baer (Lancaster, PA), Jen Ruth (Pittsburgh, PA), Carrie King (Lancaster, PA), Katie Gehman (Allentown, PA), , Kim Tomlinson (Allentown, PA), Tiffany Showalter (Harrisonburg, VA) and Lisa Berry (Harrisonburg, VA).

The CIRCLE expands! Guest Contributors:


Zoe Rohrer, Lancaster, PA: (Kate’s sister-in-law)

Zoe is the real deal and we’re excited she is sharing her collection of feast creations with us! Check out her blog here.

Zoe (left) at Kate's wedding














Jess Witmer-Gundy, Akron, Ohio: (Jen’s sister-in-law)

Jess loves to cook and always adds a creative twist to her food.  We’re pumped to have her recipes on this site!